Imago Machina


Even the most experienced producers need inside information before hitting the ground. We are here to attend to your needs, guide you, and help you find the best solutions for your creative endeavor. Our team of experienced bilingual researchers and fixers will assist you in finding sources, locations, cast, elements, equipment and local specialists in every field imaginable. 


Japan is beautiful, rich in scenery, and visually enticing country. It does however take local knowledge to help you find those corners. Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to travel Japan extensively helping our clients find the best places to carry out their production. Whether it be modern skyscrapers, funky restaurants, hidden temples, cultural heritage sites, we can provide advice, present you with imagery that matches your concept and do our best to get you those permits. 




Source Local Crew and Provide Equipment

Even in the biggest city in the world, those working in the film, television, and advertising industry have a tightly knit network. We have relationships with some of the best professionals in the industry. We will find the right talent and team depending on your requirements, budget, and style of your creative project. We also have strong connections to every rental house in town and can give you a clear pictures of what is available in  Japan.  


Programming and Original Content

Upon commission or through a pitching process, Imago Machina also provides ready to publish content for domestic and international broadcasters and outlets from start to finish. We specialize in in documentaries, news, event coverage, branded content and campaigns in Asia and Latin America. Our areas of interest include travel, human interest, social issues, human mobility, and gender as well as nature and character driven stories. We can deliver short packaged content as well as medium to long format documentaries in a variety of formats and genres.